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Logtrade uses Paiwise technology to create self-aware packages that can pay their way from sender to recipient, optimizing logistics.

Self-aware products

Logtrade creates a new Internet of Logistics, by making trade units self-aware—they can order shipping for themselves, given that the conditions to move to another location have been set in the smart contract. Any distributor certified for delivering the unit to the next touchpoint can pick it up, leveraging the power of decentralized logistics. 


The goal

Once powered with a strong identity, payment functionality and smart contracts, packages will become self aware.


They will be able find and pay their own way from sender to receiver, given that the conditions of the smart contract have been met. Trade Units will be able to realize efficient, decentralized and automatic logistics.


The solution

Logtrade has launched a logistics eWallet, together with TAG, DB Schenker, Post Nord, Heinz Ketchup, Oatly and Choice Hotels.


The eWallet, based on Paiwise harmonized identity and the Neuro-Ledger, is used by self aware packages to pay their way forward from the sending entity to the goal destination. 

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