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BodaBoda taxis

BodaBoda drivers in Uganda use Paiwise ID and eWallet technology to build credit score, manage payments and grow their businesses.

A seamless credit system

The drivers of BodaBoda, Ugandas two-wheel taxis, use mobile wallets and payable tokens to make peer-to-peer payments, manage micro credits, and get access to other services in the ride hauling app. Digital IDs and eWallets and provides efficient payments and micro-credit management.

Image by Drew Willson

The goal

Today, BodaBoda drivers are lending money for gas on a daily basis to a high interest rate per day with manual management.


With Paiwise, drivers and passengers alike will have the ability to connect incentive programs and tokens that can be used in a wider—and expanding—digital ecosystem, a decentralized super-app for Uganda and its surrounding countries.


The solution

There are around 300,000 BodaBoda drivers in Uganda today, and the number is growing fast! Using Paiwise credit score and payment features, drivers can optimize their service for a greater customer base, receive automatic fuel credits and use secure, decentralized identities to build trust, increase customer safety and reduce fraud. 

Image by Melissa Askew
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