Creating smart life for real.

Making smart choices is easy with Paiwise. You can start with a solution that works seamlessly with your current infrastructure and grow into a future secure and scalable smart payment service!

Paiwise story

Paiwise emerged from the need to transport value in a connected and complex world. With a foundation in secure, harmonized communication, strong privacy support and identity, and secure smart payments Paiwise has emerged as a global system for value transportation between people, companies, services and infrastructure.


Global solutions for developing regions

Paiwise enables transactions directly from peer to peer on a high performing distributed ledger. This gives you full control of your own money, meaning you can transact with anyone, anytime in a secure and scalable way. Anyone. Businesses, individuals, banks, entrepreneurs, devices or applications can use Paiwise to transport value efficient and in real-time.

Paiwise provides tools to help the unbanked and individuals excluded from the financial services ecosystem to gain access to a strong digital identity, secure privacy and smart payments that work as a catalyst to development and digitalization throughout society.



People have been exchanging value since the beginning of time. Trade and communication between people have worked as a catalyst for societal development around the world and in many ways, this is still the case today.



In a world where more and more things are being connected, smart devices and communication are more powerful and more extensive than ever before. Payments and value transports create challenges and opportunities for all of us.



Imagine seamless communication across domains, secure and open communication interacting seamlessly. Think about value transporting itself automatically programmatically. A smarter future and a new way of World-making.

Development journey

Instant payment systems are emerging as a catalyst for development and sustainability in regions all over the world. Secure and harmonized identity systems and payments that work just as efficient online as they do when there is no connection to a network is a key driver for a sustainable development journey.


5 points digitalization steps

Even if we feel that we can send our customers and partners away on a journey to a more sustainable and smart future with rocket fuel and a great vessle, we realize that understanding where you stand today makes the world of difference. Moving from an analog and off-line experience today, to a digital and interconnected ecosystem can be challenging. This is why we have designed our services to help you step by step, moving from wherever you are to the next step in the digitalization journey as fast and as efficient as possible.






Most products, services, and infrastructure is off-line today and they provide value in all corners of society. We help you to connect existing infrastructure to a modern platform that can help you develop fast and seamless.

We have seen a steady increase over the past years to connect and link products to each other and centralized storage solutions. This is clearly progressing digitalization but who is really gaining the value in this part of the process?

Smart services are the next step in evolution. Where connected products get something back, and where products and services start to adapt to user demands and interact with the user with less friction. One question that comes to mind is: smart for whom?

This is as far as smart societies and has come today. Closed networks that utilize private networks with services that work with a high level of availability and security as long as the network is controlled and closed for outside actors. We call this the Intranet of Things! 

For society to become smart for real, we need to be able to connect secure and open networks. We need strong identities so we can exchange information and value in a secure, seamless, and scalable way across domains. This is where we can take you!

Create the evolution

Trust Anchor Group is a fast-growing Swedish tech company established to offer the world’s first Smart Payment and Connectivity system based on open, interoperable infrastructure with privacy, security and sustainability by design.

With a great user user experience, full IoT interoperability, industry leading security and complete privacy by design we are uniquely positioned to integrate smart payments for personal electronics, industrial production, individuals and corporations and existing infrastructure independent of current systems or device suppliers.

An experienced team of engineers, developers, business developers and senior project managers with world-leading expertise in high-tech products and financial ecosystem we are set out on a journey to make the world a smarter place by providing Smart Payment services and optimized communication tools that we make available in our Smart Life Toolbox.

Since our inception, we have been widely recognized by several committed governments and clients around the world. Leading digitalization programs in several domains such as Financial Services, Agriculture, Industrial Industry, Mobility & Transportation, Smart cities and eHealth, Government Technology and Cyber Security.

Explore our tools connected to your digitization journey.

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