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Paiwise makes the world a smarter place. Start with a solution that integrates seamlessly with your current software, website or infrastructure, and you're ready to start developing secure and scalable smart life services for the future.

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5 steps to digitalization

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An illustration of an eWallet, a digital ID and a mobile checkout screen.
Get connected
with Paiwise 

With Paiwise, you can connect to existing infrastructure to quickly get started using a fully-fledged payment platform including conditional payments, digital ID, smart money and mobile checkout—secure digital transactions made simple!

An illustration of an eWallet, a digital ID and a smart contract.
Getting started with Smart Life solutions

Paiwise Smart Life solutions include digital IDs, built-in device privacy, eWallets and legally binding Smart Contracts to safeguard all transactions. All trust-based, with conditional payments and digital currency available for all implementations.    

An illustration of tokenization of a labeled package, trees and cattle.
Tokenize real-world and digital assets

Turn all kinds of real-world assets into digital value. Tokenization the Paiwise way means that products, services, real estate or container space can be used, managed and traded more efficiently, without the need to centralize operations and information. 

An illustration of IoT; a package and a drone with WiFi connections.
Leverage true IoT inter-connectivity  

Paiwise allows for any and all connected devices to exchange information directly, regardless of communication protocol. At the same time, energy consumtion and network traffic for edge computing solutions are dramatically lowered. 

An illustration of the interconnected smart society, with Industry 4.0, the Neuron and tokenized assets.
Be part of the Smart Society of the future

Paiwise technology provides a tried-and-tested communication standard for true IoT and Smart Cities connectivity.

With energy-efficient edge computing power, Paiwise enables sustainable and trust-based transactions for Web3 solutions.  


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