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Smart tools

Smart Life ID

Paiwise harmonized ID is a catalyst for a smart society and a unique way to leverage existing and new ID schemes in a secure and seamless way. eID is built on a federated infrastructure with protection of privacy by design. 

Dynamic eWallet

Imagine an eWallet that you can use for a wide range of things. Actually, for things as well! Our eWallet can be distributed to your car, to a smart light pole, to a charging pole and many other things. Monetize your infrastructure and services with a dynamic eWallet. 

Swaip pay

Swaip peer-to-peer payment system is connected to the Smart Life ecosystem and allows users from non-profits to corporations and government to pay eachother efficiently, without delay.

eDaler Smart Money

Smart Money must be better than cash, more useful than digital coins and more secure, seamless and sustainable than any other currency we use today. 


Next generation distributed ledger with synchronized digital data geographically spread across multiple sites, countries, or institutions. Dynamic encryption and strong entitlement systems creates sustainability by design.

Interedge gateway

A secure, decentralized and autonomous gateways that can translate a wide range of communication protocols and enable new, instant valuestreams


Explore how our costumers integrated with our toolbox.

Smart Life App store

Click on an app below to find out how the Smart tools are used today and in the future

Instant check-out

Fast and reliable payments with your gateway, acquirer and processor in one. You get all our features and popular payment methods in single  integration.


Mobile Cashier

With a virtual and mobile cashier setting up popup stores and extending cashier functions to multiple people is easy and fast. Anyone with a mobile phone can setup a cashier function and get paid.


Make your own!


Join the Worldmaker Community and build your own service or app. Make it public in the Smart Life App store or keep it to yourself!


MobilGirot is a Swedish payment service for SME companies that help them to charge customer in a smooth, fast and super smart way. Paiwise payment gateway and eWallet is used.


Digitala Lagkassan

Digitala Lagkassan is a digital accountant for sport associations that simplifies and manages the team wallets and everyone dependent on it. Paiwise eWallet and payment gateway is used.


Fight Corona

A fundraising service that helps individuals donate money to local organisations, restaurants, associations or companies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Paiwise payment gateway is used.



Simulating large volumes of transaction messages with MQ, MQTT and XMPP communication protocols can be really interesting if you know what to do with it next... ComSim transaction simulator is made as a proof-of-concept.  


Big Travel

Big Travel is a full service business travel agency that offers a complete program within business and group travels. Paiwise check-out and eWallet is used.

In the making

eNotary is cross- border technology that allows notaries public to remotely seal declarations or agreements between parties, with legal validity, in a highly protected environment through smart contracts. Paiwise Data vault and smart contracts is used.



Why isn't your car paying the parking fees and other expenses itself? What if we can make your car understand where it is and what fees it should pay? 

Well, introducing Autopaid! 

In the making

Smart Travel wallet

Imagine being able to travel and have all your expenses automatically labeled and for your finance department without all the hassle of photographing and writing notes! Let's add instant payments, instant bookkeeping and instant reporting as well!

In the making

Smart delivery

What if products and goods could pay their way from manufacturing to the users and customers that they are made for? We could allow them to prioritize speed, safe journey and sustainability to the world a smarter place!

In the making

Instant Clearing & Settlement

Building on the latest peer-to-peer payment techology paired with a secure and superfast distributed ledger. It enables payment service providers to offer fund transfers to their customers in real time and around the clock, every day of the year

In the making

Neuro Open Banking

We call it Open Banking next gen because we give control to all players in the banking ecosystem in a secure and open way. Enable real-time transactions and system access in a secure and scalable way. 

In the making

Instant reporting

Instant Reporting allows you to access  transactions and accounting data in real time. No batch process, no wait time, only instant access to all the data you need.

In the making

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