Access smart payments

We want it to be easy for you to make a good choice. In Paiwise, you do not have to worry about hidden costs or long contracts. Let´s make the world a smarter place!

Access to Smart Life Toolbox

Secure Digital Identity tools

Safe data storage

Instant communication tools

MIT Open source license


If you are not in it for the money

Free include:

This license if a good fit if you are a non-profit organization, government, student body or a start-up that we can help grow!


When you are making money

Are you a corporation or a for-profit organization? With this license you have more freedom to scale your business and create fantastic services for your customers

Everything in Free 

Smart Money

Check-out payment toolkit


Virtual Cashier

Instant Clearing

Instant Settlement

Swaip Peer-to-Peer payments

Neuro Open Banking

API & SDK incl. documentation

Commercial use license

Commercial include:


When you are making money

Working with us as a partner opens possibilities you could only dream of before. Let´s make the world a smarter place together so everyone can benefit!

Partner include:

Co-creation Lab access

Toolbox training

Developer and Partner license

Everything in Commercial

App Store access

Federated infrastructure

Local or decentralized hosting

Software/Hardware distribution

Marketplace (White-Label)

Paiwise Academy

Worldmaker Community

Answers to your questions

What is Paiwise?

Paiwise is a smart and secure payment service ecosystem for digital money to flow freely and instantly, with no borders or friction. Paiwise includes a Smart Life toolbox that enables you to build your own smart services and apps.

What kind of service can I build?

Your imagination (and Compliance) is the only thing setting the boundaries. You can replicate, optimize, or automate existing traditional services, and you can come up with completely new solutions as long as it does not infringe Paiwise’s Terms and conditions. You can define your own fee model or offer solutions for free, if you want. Be creative and build away; the sky’s the limit.

What is a Paiwise account and why do I need one?

You need to create a Paiwise account to be able to deposit and withdraw funds and create services in the Paiwise ecosystem. You can also use the account to check your balances and transaction history and to administer your services.

Why use Paiwise instead of other payment gateways?

Unlike traditional payment gateways, payment service providers and Banks, Paiwise enables both regular payments and micro-transactions directly from peer to peer on a distributed ledger. This gives you full control of your own money and value flows, meaning you can transact with unprecedented speed and transaction volume with anyone, anytime.

What do I need to start using Paiwise?

If you are a developer, start by creating a Paiwise account to access the developer’s portal. If you are a regular user, to deposit or withdraw you just need to create a wallet on Paiwise, and go through the proper KYC/AML process to start using your account.

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