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Paiwise payment services include traditional payment solutions for mobile checkouts and points-of-sale, but they can also be used for creating customized, versatile smart life transaction tools.

What are payment services?

Paiwise payment services are available as off-the-shelf payment service provider solutions, including checkouts, loyalty programs and installment payments.

Paiwise technology can also be used to create customized payment solutions, including conditional payments, smart contracts and instant peer-to-peer human-to-machine or M2M transactions.

Digital betalning

Why payment services?

Paiwise payment services enables instant secure payments without the need of connecting though a bank, but can also be used an integrated part of traditional payment solutions for ease of use and commercial benefits.  

Payment services

Instant transactions
Smart money
Online and offline

Paiwise in use today

Digital municipality

The Brazilian municipality of Itu are implementing Paiwise to offer their citizens secure digital identity services and fraud-protected mobile payments.

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Sports eWallet

The first and only sports club eWallet has been launched in Sweden and it is based on Paiwise, providing financial transparency for clubs and teams.

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Mobile escrow service

Vaulter, a Powrs service, uses Paiwise to provide safe payments through programmatic, conditional smart money instead of traditional escrow accounts.

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