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Paiwise Online

Paiwise payment services enables instant and secure payments around the globe. No need to connect to multiple payment providers, with Paiwise you have all the options you need with one integration.

With world class localized service, and a well documented and seamless integration, Paiwise is the choice for smart payment solutions.

Payments as a service

Paiwise is acting as a payment intermediary and payment processor between the payment service provider, the acquirer, the card issuer and the merchant.

Our platform is designed for the merchant to handle all their payments through one platform in an efficient and seamless way.

Paiwise Platform

Manage your payments in a easy and simple way through our smartadmin platform. Create and send payment links to your customers, get an overview of all your transactions, manage your payments together with your team or by yourself. Customers have the option to pay via a wide range of payment options. 

Our platform is used by companies in all sizes and designed to suit the need of any organization or business.

Use Paiwise Today

Create your own package of payment modules such as checkout, payment links, subscriptions and many more to suit the needs of your business.

Set up your company and start handling your Payments through our all-in-one payment platform

Customer Experience

By carefully reviewing every detail, we have designed our checkout for an easy and effortless customer experience. Smart features, the right payment methods, and responsive design help you achieve the highest possible conversion rate.


The checkout can be customized to match the look and feel of your website´s branding.  You can customize the checkout’s brand settings, theme, and colors to advance your sales with an improved payment experience

Trusted By the Travel Industry

Many travel agencies are using Paiwise online and are located all around the world. With their base in the Nordics, there is a strong connection to the local markets and in addition a global precense using Paiwise smart payments for customers in New Zealand, USA, Faroe Islands, Sweden and everywhere in between.

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