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Fast and reliable payments with your gateway, acquirer and processor in one. You get all our features and popular payment methods in single  integration.


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Mobile Cashier

With a virtual and mobile cashier setting up popup stores and extending cashier functions to multiple people is easy and fast. Anyone with a mobile phone can setup a cashier function and get paid.


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Join the Worldmaker Community and build your own service or app. Make it public in the Smart Life App store or keep it to yourself!


MobilGirot is a Swedish payment service for SME companies that help them to charge customer in a smooth, fast and super smart way. Paiwise payment gateway and eWallet is used.


Digitala Lagkassan

Digitala Lagkassan is a digital accountant for sport associations that simplifies and manages the team wallets and everyone dependent on it. Paiwise eWallet and payment gateway is used.


Fight Corona

A fundraising service that helps individuals donate money to local organisations, restaurants, associations or companies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Paiwise payment gateway is used.



Simulating large volumes of transaction messages with MQ, MQTT and XMPP communication protocols can be really interesting if you know what to do with it next... ComSim transaction simulator is made as a proof-of-concept.