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The worlds first digital ID built on a federated infrastructure with protection of privacy (GDPR) by design. eID unlocks endless opportunities to create linked value -added services without compromising personal safety and integrity.

Harmonised, secure digital identity for individuals, infrastructure and services. Paiwise eID is based on the latest technology in cyber security and the internet of things (IoT). In addition to global scalability, eID is equipped with features strengthening the protection of privacy while also unlocking possibilities for all walks of life.

We offer the highest possible security and dynamic encryption starting at 256-bit encryption as a standard feature. The cryptography and secure data storage is federated and dynamic which means security measures can be upgraded seamlessly and remotely while being compliance and respecting the latest privacy and data protection regulations around the world.

How Paiwise Smart Tools where used

Features Included 

  • Protect data and information/system owners

  • Authenticate and authorize identity online and off-line

  • Cryptographically and legally sign documents

  • Access secure domains with a verifiable and privacy enabled signature

  • Protect privacy and control access to data and information

  • Manage access to systems, data and domains

  • Secure payments, vote, login securely at banks, government services, patient records and more.

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Customer that licenses eID as a stand-alone or integrate the feature into their own infrastructure and product offering can access the service via the developer portal and start creating new smart services today!

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