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Paiwise enable and accelerate the development of smart societies. We believe in an open society that respects privacy, security and sustainability by design

Paiwise launched in 2018 as a smart life toolkit by Trust Anchor Group to work as a catalyst to digitalization and smart payment solutions around the world. We make it possible to connect your business to smart devices and sensors in a secure, scalable and seamless way across a spectrum of industries. We help our customers and partners to manage new value streams in an efficient and scalable way. 


Paiwsie mission is to make the world a smarter place by bringing innovative, digital services to your home, your business and your life. 


Our customers value our open, secure and scalable platform as well as our ability to deliver an opportunity for application and product developers to develop smart services for a world of use-cases.


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Our fantastic Partners


IBM is an American multinational technology and consulting company  with more than 350,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries.


Microsoft is an American multi-national ​technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses computer software and related services around the world.

Tech Pro nobis

Tech Pro nobis is a fintech company that helps Brazil to become truly digital. With services and systems that protect everyone's privacy by design and standard.

Rexel​ Energy Solutions

Rexel is a global leader in the professional distribution of products and services for the energy world, addresses three main markets - industrial, commercial and residential.


Stripe is a financial services and software as a service company that offers payment processing software and application programming interfaces for e-commerce websites and mobile applications.


Swedbank AB is a Nordic-Baltic banking group offering retail banking, asset management, financial, and other services. In 2019 Swedbank had 900,000 private and 130,000 corporate clients.